Enero 2019


Enero 2019

Built for all fitness comunity

Unlock the potential of your gym

Our efficient administrative solution will surely protect and strengthen your business.

Administracion de membresías

Administra las membresías de los atletas, dejando más tiempo para atender a otros aspectos de tu negocio

attendance control

Control the attendance of your Athletes so that they will never again take a class without an active membership

Informes detallados

Generar informes detallados para comparar los ingresos y los presupuestos , proporcionando una verdadera idea de cómo su negocio esta funcionando.

Point of Sale

Managing orders, goods receipts, sales, inventories has never been easier, also knows in detail your revenue from your point of sale, profitability of your products and more

Promotes friendship and competition

-Our Electronic Board will classify your Athletes daily into the WODS -The measurement of the fitness level of each of your Athletes will give them aspects to develop -The measurement of the level of commitment will make that they strive to attend the box -The daily performance measurement will let every athlete know how much he is doing